Vintage Cosmetic – Hair Wrap Pink Polka Dot

Vintage Cosmetic – Hair Wrap Pink Polka Dot


It may look like vintage fun, but your turban is made from seriously modern, super-absorbent microfibre fabric to blot up excess water in a flash – which means less time wielding the hairdryer and less heat damage to your hair. Unlike a heavy towel, it won’t stretch or snap delicate wet strands either, and its smooth surface encourages hair cuticles to lie flat for a sleeker finish. So it’s a not-so-fond farewell to frizz… and a big, happy hello to glossy tresses without any stresses.

Pop it on to work its drying magic while you’re getting ready for the day or for a night out – even if you’ve got really long or big hair, it’s generously cut to cover everything up, while the lightly elasticated edges and choice of two fastening buttons mean once it’s in place it ain’t going anywhere. Guaranteed to be your go-to hair accessory that hits the spot. And in its beautiful retro-inspired box, it makes a great gift for anyone who doesn’t want to feel like a drip.

How to use:

  • Tip your head down slightly then place the turban over your hair, buttons at the front.
  • Make sure you’ve tucked in every last stray, then twist the turban tightly round your tresses.
  • Pull the twist back over your head and fasten the loop at the end around one of the buttons to secure.
  • Machine wash at 30C and air-dry – and skip the fabric conditioner, as it reduces absorbency.

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