Frequently Asked Questions

What does locally sourced and caused-related product mean?

What makes Bella Rose Boutique unique is that we seek out and offer local bath-product artisans an opportunity to sell their items from our shop – giving small, local businesses an opportunity to expand their reach and customer base; thus giving it the name of locally-sourced.

Additionally, we at Bella Rose Boutique are dedicated to build-up caused-related programs that help the community…for example, we feature a product that takes a portion of their proceeds and gives money back to organizations that help domestic violence and sexual assault victims. For more information on some of those causes and products, please visit our blog for featured product companies.

Do you take special requests for special moments?
Yes, we love to make special moments memorable…. whether it be a birthday, anniversary, wedding and/or bride’s maids/groom’s men gifts, giveaways, etc., just give us a call and we will be happy to help build a customized gift.
Are the products natural and organic?
We strive to work with vendors that offer naturally sourced ingredients as much as possible. We are happy to offer the list of ingredients on each product we sell in our shop – just ask any associate.
We will be visiting Fairhaven soon and will be staying at the Fairhaven Village Inn, do you have special products for us?
Yes, we offer DIY in-room spa baskets. Contact us at (360) 746-8163 or the Fairhaven Village Inn for more information.
Do you have men’s products?
We do have a men’s specific line, but all our products can be used by everybody.
Do you ship internationally?
Right now, we do not have the capability to ship internationally.
Are the products tested on animals?
We are adamant that we only sell items that have NOT been animal tested.
Can I use a bath bomb more than once?
It is recommended that you use the entire bath bomb just once in order to get the complete effect. DO NOT take a bath bomb out of the water after it has fizzed and save it for the next time; in doing so the bath bomb may harbor unwanted bacteria and reintroduce it into your next bath.