Our Story

Everybody wants to feel beautiful – as the Italian’s say, Bella. And nature’s most delicate, yet resistant flower – the Rose – encapsulates the mere essence of Bella Rose Boutique.

The idea of the Bella Rose Bath & Beauty Boutique was developed from the pure essence of needing anxiety relief and an affordable self-care luxury experience amid the isolation and stress of the pandemic. Whilst, not the most ideal time to start a business, Kimberly’s love for the calming effect of her bath products inspired her to come up with the concept of offering spa-like luxurious products that can be used in your own home, while still maintaining affordability.

The concept of being able to support other small businesses, the community, and cause-related programs, Kimberly decided it was important to have a portion of the Bella Rose Boutique be dedicated to locally sourced and cause-related businesses, in addition to national brands.

Bella Rose Bath & Beauty Boutique offers (but not limited to): bath bombs, shower steamers, bath scrubs and salts, soaps, lotions, candles, and beauty accessories.

For Bella Rose’s founder, Kimberly Hoctor, entrepreneurship has always been a part of her family’s DNA. From her great grandparents that built innovative industrial barn door pulleys, to steel canisters for the Hollywood film industry, to her parents and siblings who have run successful small businesses. Kimberly is proud to come from a long-standing stock of generational small business owners. Kimberly also runs and maintains a successful local women’s consignment shop, Posh Upscale Resale, in Fairhaven, WA.
For more information on our products or to purchase, please contact us at [email protected] or call (360) 746-8163


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