Local Lather – Bar Soap

Local Lather – Bar Soap


Handmade soap preserves the integrity of the oils/fats/butters that make a soap recipe so special. Because of this, the vitamins, minerals & skin-loving qualities are maintained in the final product. Our recipe is thoughtfully calibrated to produce desired characteristics (i.e., cleansing, nourishing, luxurious lather, long lasting) in the soap with natural processes in lieu of adding chemicals to achieve the same goal.

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This small sisal bag is just what it sounds like, a bar soap lovers best friend! If you have been using liquid soap for a while and you are not sure whether to go for the zero waste option of bar soap, adding a soap saver will help you transition.

It extends the life of your soap in the bath or shower. How? The bar soap fits snugly inside, & the sisal pouch holds the soap, keeps the bar from getting soft or melting too fast when exposed to water, and is the perfect way to use it until completely gone. The soap saver it is another easy-to-implement, long-lasting zero waste swap. No more annoying leftover soap bits to worry about. It’s like the benefits of bar soap but in convenient “body wash style” lather.

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