Wabi Whiffs – Toot Bombs

Wabi Whiffs – Toot Bombs



Don’t hide these stylish Toilet Love Bombs! ┬áKeep them handy and eliminate poo odor instantly. Drop 1-3 fizzing bombs (no judging) into the toilet. An effervescing fragrant film forms on the toilet water, do your biz & flush when done.

Established by sisters Donna and Debbie from Charlotte, North Carolina, a female-founded and operated manufacturing company. Motivated by Debbie’s personal gut health challenges and sensitivity, Donna drew from their childhood science project, The Exploding Volcano, to create Wabi Whiffs. This ingenious product utilizes the effervescent lava concept to quickly spread the fragrant natural essential oils over the toilet water and simultaneously emit beautiful fragrance and trap odors allowing everyone to confidently use the bathroom worry-free. Wabi Whiffs line of innovative, fun and environmentally conscious products aim to empower individuals and enhance their confidence.

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Introducing Wabi Whiffs - Toot Bombs, the perfect way to add a touch of fun and laughter to any occasion. These uniquely scented toot bombs come in playful packaging and promise endless entertainment. Get ready for giggles and good times with Wabi Whiffs - Toot Bombs!

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