Bath Bombs (aka Bath Fizzies)

Looking to zhoosh up your bath experience? Something that brings the gleeful, smiling delight of a kid, but also a relaxing and calming effect that we all need after a long day of work? Then you need to try a bath bomb! Also known as bath fizzies, these fizzies can amp up your bath with bright colors, essential oils, and even in some cases glitter or flower petals.

As soon as you drop the bath bomb into the water, it reactivates with a fizz – scientifically speaking bath bombs’ foundation is a bicarbonate base (much like baking soda) and citric acid (a natural acid found in citrus fruit) mixed with essential oils, fragrances, Epsom salts, dried flowers or herbs.


There are many beneficial properties of bath bombs from anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, to adding moisture to your skin. Bath bombs also help make your bathing experience feel more luxurious and relaxing. When purchasing bath bombs, be sure to inquire about the full list of ingredients to ensure that there is nothing that will create an allergic reaction on your skin.

How To Use

Picking out the right bath bomb is as fun as using it….we suggest to try different scents, shapes, and colors to mix it up and match the mood you’re in. Using bath bombs are easy peasy….fill your tub with water that is at a comfortable temperature for you and once the tub is full, just drop the bomb in the water and enjoy.

A Couple Of Tips

You may need to hop in the shower for a quick rinse off after using your bath bomb, especially if your bomb has glitter or a lot of colors in it.

Also, remember to clean your tub as the surface might be slippery (essential oils) for the next person to take a bath. For bath bombs with flower petals or colors, just do a quick wipe down of your bath.

It’s also important to remember that the newer the bath bomb is, the better it will work.

Please, please DO NOT take a bath bomb out of the water after it has fizzed and save it in a baggie for next time….in doing so may harbor unwanted bacteria and reintroduce it into your next bath. If you are wanting to make your bath bomb last longer, you can cut it in half before use and use one half per bath. We prefer to use our whole bath bomb at once to get the full effect of color, scent and benefits!

Other Uses

Foot soak – grab a large plastic tub, fill it with warm water and drop in a bath bomb – then sit back and relax.

Display – bath bombs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors; putting them out in a glass bowl or jar in your bathroom is a great design aesthetic.

Air Freshener – a great way to make your bathroom or home smell amazing is to put them out to freshener the air – giving it a beautiful aroma.

Gift Giving – everybody could use a relaxing bath; bath bombs are a great gift for all occasions.

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