Shower Steamers

Everyone knows what a bath bomb is, they are widely popular and a favorite among many self-care enthusiasts. But what if you don’t have a bath or you’re more of a shower person? Luckily for you, shower steamers were created and here at Bella Rose Boutique, we carry a few different options! 

What are shower steamers?

Shower steamers are like a bath bomb for your shower and much like their bath bomb counterparts, they feature essential oils, baking soda, and citric acid. They are a great option for people who don’t have bathtubs and want to add something special to their shower routine. Shower steamers help to transform your shower into an aromatherapy experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and reset. Whether you need a little extra boost in the morning with a citrus scent or a more calming scent like lavender in the evening, there is something for everyone.

How do I use a shower steamer?

It depends on the brand of shower steamer that you use, but usually, you can take the steamer out of the package, place it on the floor of your shower under running water and allow the steamer to fizzle, bubble, and release essential oils. You can also place a steamer into a sachet or cloth shower bag and hang it under running water to activate the steamer.

How long does a shower steamer last?

This depends on the brand of shower steamer, but usually 2-3 showers! 

We hope this blog helped answer any questions you have about shower steamers! If you would like to purchase a shower steamer and try it out yourself we carry them online at and in our store located in Fairhaven, WA. 



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